A downloadable Shattered Soul for Windows

Project made in 48 hours for IPCA Gamejam 18'    


In Shattered Soul, you’re free to explore Kasumi’s world, switching between the living and dead realms to complete your unique quest – finding Kasumi’s soul. Here, your attention is your most powerful ally. Roam around between our realms and become a master puzzle solver.


A long time ago, in a desperate attempt to save her father who was stricken by a horrible disease, princess Kasumi Asuga from the Tamashi kingdom made a deal with the Oni Ma clan through black magic. This deal lead to the shattering and loss of her soul and cursed her with immortality. Such curse is forever holding Kasumi between two realms - living and dead -, linking her with an everlasting feeling of incompletion.

With the ability to freely wander through these realms, Kasumi begins the search for her fractured soul. Bit by bit, she must find a way to be whole again.

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file & run the .exe.


ShatteredSoul.exe 635 kB

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